Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shiny Apathy

So - it's my birthday soon... as you well know.

My mum told me to think of something permanent that I can get for my birthday. By this, she means: "choose something from Tiffany". She said I couldn't spend more than $2k (AUD), so naturally, I chose things for around $3k, and my absolute favourite thing was actually this ring.

I shan't disclose how much it is. I feel like a bad person just for considering it. I think this is why my mum deals with all their finances - my dad is blissfully ignorant as to just how much my mum can spend in one go, it's really quite terrifying.

Ok, so it's a beautiful ring, as are the several other pieces I have voiced a liking for. I'm very lucky to have a family who will do this for me, and I appreciate that... so why do I feel like a bad person?

Possibly because when I think about it in those sad Oxfam charity adverts I could save 20 shaved bears from prostitution or something. I'd much rather look after them myself. Send the shaved bears round mine, I'll get them on the straight and narrow.

But then again - you could donate the money you'd normally spend on the bus and walk. You don't need to go to the pub tonight, you could donate that to charity. It's all relative.

You won't, because that's not how we roll in the west. We do the bare minimum and we look out for #1. We're horrible, selfish people, and we're not about to change, because nobody else is either. It's not that we don't care, it's that we don't want to care, and people are incredibly good at ignoring the truth when it's staring us in the face - particularly en masse. So anyway, fuck off, it's shiny and it's my birthday.

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