Friday, 21 May 2010


I wear glasses... when I absolutely have to. I don't like being anti-glasses, because I'm not when it comes to other people. I just don't like wearing them myself. That is, I don't like the thought of being someone who wears glasses, and I don't know why.

Think of all the famous people you know that wear glasses. Name five. How many of them were male? All of them? Yes, Dame Edna counts as male.

The only famous female I can think of that wears glasses is Diane Keaton, and even that is on and off, and also she's famously androgynous. Sally Jesse Raphael is neither feminine, nor attractive. Glasses do not, it seems, make the wearer more attractive. They alter appearance to produce an artificial image of wisdom, and that's certainly not the image women should be portraying: serious and wise, heavens no, we like our women as stupid as possible. I associate glasses with trustworthiness. I love you, Woody Allen, you dirty old man, but I don't want to look like you.

Also, why is it that the only glasses I could wear without feeling like a librarian from the 90s are the ones that I will wear and feel like a trendy indie librarian wannabe? I've seen some John Lennon glasses that look pretty nice, but they probably won't suit me, because I'm not an arrogant 30-something male musician. Oh, sorry, did you think I could write a post without mentioning The Beatles? A foolish assumption. Basically, I like glasses, I just don't think they suit me. Whether or not this is because I'm female or not cool enough to pull off the nauseatingly over-baked wayfarer look is another matter...

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