Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Welcome Home

Yes, this is my new slant on homes. Ironically, my house is quite slanted too, but that's neither here nor there. Well, I'm both here... and there... but never mind.

My idea is that we put too much thought into the concept of 'home' and this quite often has negative consequences. We get homesick, we wonder why other peoples houses are nicer than ours, we get upset when someone spray paints a picture of a penis onto our front door, etc. All these things could be avoided if we got rid of the concept of homes altogether. Take a more cowboy sort of approach and just say "where ever you are, you're home". This, aside from being fantastic news to the many people stranded around the world as a result of the Icelandic volcano, is designed to inspire less fretting which I have found comes with the concept of having a 'home'. They're more bloody trouble than they're worth, basically!

I'm not saying that if you're reading this on a bus then your home is a moving tin which smells of piss and is full of old people. I mean that home is more of a state of mind than a location. If you're comfortable inside your own head, then you're home where ever you are. Any place where you happen to regularly sleep and keep your stuff is unimportant in comparison to the head that you're going to be stuck in indefinitely. That's the thing you want to be looking after.

So, if you're some sort of giant robotic latrine, then perhaps your home is a moving tin which smells of piss, but you can't help that. I realise there are many, many flaws my this idea, so feel free to point them out and I'll ignore them. Just don't spray paint any penises on anything.

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