Sunday, 18 April 2010


"When I grow older,
I will be there at your side,
To remind you how I still love you"

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm mourning Freddie Mercury, and I think I always will be. The whole world is. Watching Queen videos on YouTube, it's ridiculous how many people are so upset they weren't even alive at the same time as him, let alone never went to a Queen concert (not modern Queen... Queen is only Queen with Freddie). Someone even commented, "It's been like 18 years since his death and he's still everywhere" and it's completely true.

You don't get people saying this crap about most people. Even Princess bloomin' Diana! Sheeshes! Some guy was literally begging God to return him to earth... he was all "our children's children will be waiting for his return..." crikey, that would be a bit odd, wouldn't it? I'm not sure he'd fully thought it through to be honest with you. Zombies of any kind are not top of my wishlist, even if he is Freddie Mercury. He didn't want to live forever, anyway... sorry, it had to be said. So, not going quite to messiah level, most people were very genuinely sad indeed about him not being here.

What was it about Freddie Mercury that makes his absence felt so much by so many people? I have a theory that he wasn't supposed to die, and that his death has caused some sort of bizarre world/space/time altering event that probably, if not definitely, caused global warming and several other natural disasters. But it's just a theory.

The best thing about Queen is I could believe anyone to be a hardcore Queen fan. Literally anyone. An old lady with a blue rinse, or a skinhead. Do skinheads still exist? Whatever. That's why Queen are awesome, because at the end of the day they make unquestionably fucking great music. And Freddie took that music and sung it beautifully into people's lives and record collections for decades to come.

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Miriam said...

I completely agree about a Zombie-Freddy, that wouldn't be too nice.
And I love the way you write, you make me laugh with (almost) everything you post. Also, the overheard category was a brilliant idea.
I can't think of an appropriate greeting to put underneath this comment (my english tends to fail me when I need it), so I'll just leave it like this. This feels stupid but I think we tell other people far too seldomly how awesome they are. And I really should stop rambling now before it gets really awkward.