Friday, 2 April 2010

Top 10 Ringo Drum Moments

Ringo is such an awesome drummer that I often find myself listening to the drums part of a song more than the rest of it. Whilst I'm not an expert on drums, I am an expert on Ringo. Overshadowed and underrated in the context of The Beatles, it's time to recognise that he's actually an incredibly talented musician. Here are some of his best moments.

10. You're Gonna Lose That Girl

This would be higher if he wasn't smoking whilst drumming. Not big and not clever.

9. Ticket To Ride

Purely for the awesome rolls. Paul McCartney looks like a wanker in this video - just an observation.

8. Taxman

7. Drive My Car

6. Get Back

5. The End (His only drum solo in The Beatles)

4. Rain

3. Helter Skelter


2. Come Together

Sorry John Lennon, but anyone can make up weird lyrics. The man drumming his tits off behind you is the one carrying that song.

1. Here Comes The Sun

The song hasn't started until Ringo starts playing.

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