Monday, 30 March 2009

Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs

We were listening to Michael Jackson at work last night, and it made me realise that people automatically like his music. Not so much the man, but let’s ignore that, and focus on the fact that he made some darn good music. I hope he doesn’t keel over and die during his tour, but if he does, hopefully in a hundred years his music will still be around but people will have forgotten what a freaky old bastard he is.

YouTube won't let me post the videos, because they're nobjockeys, but you know how the songs go anyway, and if you don't - shame on you - go and live in a rabbit warren.

5. Billie Jean
It’s amazing how a song about the reckless relinquishing of parental responsibilities has become so iconic. It just goes to know, people will like anything with a good beat.

4. Black or White
I just like the song. The rap is pretty hilarious too.

3. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
I think it was pretty much all down hill from here in terms of his appearance and sanity, but it is a bloody faboosh song, I was dancing around to it just yesterday. The video is odd, all I can remember was thinking he was dancing in front of fudge when I was little. Oh, and that his trousers were too short.

2. The Way You Make Me Feel
Oh Christ the video to this is just embarrassing, in particular the thrusting. I actually screamed in disgust when I saw that – that was one of the worst moments of my life.

1. Rock With You
Funky song. Extra points for the glittery number he’s wearing in the video (in particular the boots), minus some points for the dodgy thrusting.

To conclude, I don’t recommend watching the videos, so it’s probably a good thing YouTube are being meanies and not letting us watch any, because his thrusting and trying to be cool will only put you off. It’s a shame he’s gone and diluted his talent by being a kooky cock, but then most very famous people do.

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