Saturday, 14 March 2009

Steaks & BJs

Today is allegedly 'Steak & a BJ Day'. Yes, a month after Valentine's Day, it is precisely what it says on the tin...

...because men don't get presents on Valentine's Day? This holiday is an outrage to feminist vegetarians everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. There's probably one behind you right now! Watch out!

Anyway, I suggest whatever man feels the need to invent such a holiday moves to Brokeback Mountain: he'll find plenty of steaks and BJs there... and no women to listen to his misogynistic crap.

14th April should now be an official holiday for women. I can't decide on the title, but maybe we could choose between: 'We Have The Boobs, So Do What We Say Day" and 'We Put Up With Your Crap, So Make Us A Cup Of Tea Day'.

Or perhaps we could consider the concept that holidays such as these are retarded pointless, because in a relationship noone owes anyone anything, (particularly not a slab of cow flesh) and that's sort of the point.

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