Thursday, 25 March 2010


I don't know if you've seen it, but a theme of trending topics on Twitter for the last few days has been the hashtag #dearfuture[wife/husband/children]. These have produced some very entertaining reading indeed. Some have been sentimental, some hilarious, and some truly terrifying, but the majority have been badly spelt.

Top 6 #Dearfuturechildren:
  1. #dearfuturechildren I promise not to lock you in a cellar or leave you unattended whilst on holiday.
  2. #dearfuturechildren I will molest you every Christmas.
  3. #dearfuturechildren please never look on my twitter |:
  4. #DearFutureChildren please dont come out ginger
  5. #dearfuturechildren Do not make up words like skeen, seen, fambo and brap
  6. #dearfuturechildren i shagged your mum.
Top 6 #Dearfuturewife:
  1. #DearFutureWife I'm only gay on Tuesdays and Thursdays......
  2. #dearfuturewife your money is my money. My money is my money*
  3. #DearFutureWife guns will be kept in the house lol. nobody touches them but me
  4. #dearfuturewife You're worth waiting for.
  5. #dearfuturewife You’re probably being born right now cuz Ima be like 40 when I get married and you gonna be 20.
  6. #dearfuturewife please don't do a #dearfuturehusband they scare me...

All the future husband ones were really boring, except one which said:

#dearfuturewife u better have always had a vagina! Cuz if I find out ur really my #dearfuturehusband #IMKILLINGEVERYONE !!!


*This gets on here because it's what my mum says to my dad.

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