Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ham & Wings

Maybe it’s because I let myself over-think these things. Maybe it’s because I become too involved with the people that create the music I listen to. Maybe I’m just stupid.

I have days when I am grieving for Freddie Mercury in the same gut-wrenching way that I would had I known him personally. I can’t listen to the music, because it means too much. Freddie was just too damn good. I feel as though I knew him personally… along with the other billion people who have listened to his music.

I miss Linda McCartney a lot, too. I feel as if I knew her purely from Wings songs and what my Dad would tell me about her and Paul when I was little. (He was a big Wings fan.) I don’t care what anyone says, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ is quite simply a gorgeous song.

Mama Cass has given me a subconscious hatred of ham sandwiches. Don't get me started on Marvin Gaye.

I didn’t even know about these people at the time they died. They could be fictional characters for all I know. It’s irrelevant. It’s the talented and beautiful minds that produce these songs that I’m concerned with - I’m grieving the songs they had yet to create.

For fucks sake Bowie: don’t die!

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