Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I know what you're thinking. ("Sophie, you neglectful whore, why haven't you blogged for nearly a whole week?!") OK, so you're probably not thinking that. It's more likely that you in fact didn't notice that I hadn't blogged for so long, because, like me, you have been making the most of the summer. Good for you.

When I say making the most of I mean working.

Fergus told me to buy a dress that costs £30 the other day when I informed him that the dress I was wearing at the time cost £3, and my shoes £4. I couldn't justify spending that on one piece of clothing that wasn't chain mail or something. I decided that I couldn't be bothered to try clothes on, so made my way to Accessorize.

I bought a pretty little ring because I also realised that I had been working hard and not bought anything nice with the money, so I got this ring, only in black, which I like to think is similar to this ring only prettier because it has a bow! Also, not that anyone cares, but whilst looking for that I discovered that the etoile Tiffany ring I got for my birthday which as discontinued in Australia has been re-continued in the UK only with smaller blue sapphires, making mine even more bargainous! Huzzah.

I also bought a bag of sweet potatoes for 79p today... and the bargains just keep rolling in...

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