Saturday, 19 September 2009

Away We Go

I watched 'Away We Go' earlier. It's hard to explain it, so watch the trailer.

Burt: I’ll always love you. Even if you’re enormous. Even if it takes you months to lose this weight… a year. Even if you gain weight after having the baby. I mean, if you gained so much weight, and I can’t find your vagina…
Verona: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Burt: … you go ahead and write that in stone, in your heart. I will love you even if I can’t find your vagina.

I liked that the film was different and the characters were quirky in a believable way, not in your teenage indie sort of way (I'm looking at you, 'Juno'). I liked Burt's beard and that neither of them were staggeringly/distractingly attractive to look at. I liked that it was Verona who refused to get married, and I liked the (loud) use of the word 'c*ntsucker'.

Fantastic, and very funny. I would almost say that I preferred it to '(500) Days of Summer' because the characters weren't creepily like Fergus and I. (I say almost preferred it because Tom won me over with his little dance number. And face.)

But anyway... I would recommend you saw 'Away We Go'. Jolly good film indeed!

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