Friday, 27 February 2009


Let me take some time to tell you about a very important feature of my life. It tells me where and when I am, everything that's going on in the world, what I have to do today and in the next week, and also it's pretty.

Oh yes, it is my wonderful Google homepage which I have recently pimped out.

The design is by Anna Sui if anyone's interested... I think it's pretty, it changes depending on the time. The 'To Do' list is far superior to the shitty little Notepad file I kept on my desktop with everything I had to do on it.

To anyone who hasn't made their own homepage, I recommend it because it's very useful indeed, even if you only use Google Reader which has saved me hours of my life which would have otherwise been spend reading shit articles and checking if blogs have been updated.

This, coupled with my highly organised Bookmarks, means I shall have a truly organised internet experience. Huzzah!

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