Saturday, 5 December 2009

Shoulder Bones

Will someone let me feel their shoulder? I'm serious. I have been growing increasingly paranoid that I have weird shoulder bones.

I know no one sees them, but they seem to be sticking out more than before, and splitting into two if that makes any sense. It's probably just something I'd not noticed before?

This is something I've always wondered - how do you really know if you're normal? How do you know if twinges and aches and pains and tiredness is all normal? How do you know that other people's wee isn't glittery? I'm pretty sure Marc Bolan's was. Prove that it wasn't.

I didn't know that it wasn't normal to sneeze a million times a day until I was told "actually, that's pretty weird" or words to that effect, and then went to the doctor and now I'm fixed! Hooray! Not fixed as in like a dog... that wouldn't stop sneezing.

I suppose it's a silly question, but I really do think my shoulders aren't quite right.


Khyan said...

Just being nosy

Khyan said...

What was wrong with you, and what did the doctor do to fix it?

Sophie said...

Dust allergy - fixed with a steroid spray. I've got the nose of an athlete.