Wednesday, 18 May 2011


So university is slowly and painfully drawing to and end. Who knows what will happen when it does, but if the last 20 minutes is anything to go by, I'll be watching a lot of Boy Meets World on YouTube. But seriously, how did they ever manage to get 7 seasons out of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, yet only one of Twin Peaks? Maybe it's like how clever people only have one child because they're intelligent to know that one perpetual version of them is more than enough.

That's my favourite and least favourite thing about YouTube: the related videos. Jeebus, I could and do spend hours watching useless shite from 20 years ago. WHENTHISBOYMEETSWOOORLD,BOYMEEEEETSWOOORLDDD.

So, the point of this ramble being that I'm looking forward to finishing uni, so I can use my time much less productively. It's impossible to procrastinate when you have nothing important to do. Think about it. What I think I'm trying to say through this post is... if I have gained anything from my degree, it's probably about or on YouTube.

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