Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Music Channels

Remember life before YouTube? I know, I'd rather not either, but let's go there. If you wanted to watch a specific music video then forget about it, you either had to text or call into a music channel (at £50 a second) or wait until some other chump requests the song you want. Or, tape the videos you liked, but even then you had to wait for it to come on in the first place, and you were probably so preoccupied with your Supersticker Machine that you missed the very beginning, and the second it finishes you've got the last half hour of an episode of ER your mum taped last Thursday whilst she was at Weight Watchers.

But now, we don't have to wait for hours just to see one godamn 3 minute music video. That's not saying that some of those videos were totally worth waiting hours to watch. Here are a few examples:


"Awww but it's the best pooooorrrrtttttt!"

...as if we needed more proof that Britney's from Mars.


Yeah, you can't blame past-Sophie for having dodgy taste in music, I was a child afterall. Plus, Mariah's always awesome.

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