Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Filofax Funtimes

If I didn't have my filofax I think my world would implode. It's something I'm used to having, it tells me what to do, (or rather, past me tells future me what to do). It reminds me of things I mean to do, things I need to be prepared for, and how much time I need to do each thing.

I would strongly advise you get a filofax. I don't know who you are, but you need one. WHSmiths have a sale on at the moment... just so you know.

I have 4 post-it coloured bookmarks, which remind me:
  • Important Events
  • Important To Do (Work)
  • Important To Do (Home)
  • Targets
That picture is not of my filofax, but it is of a crackin' example. You can get all sorts of pretty colours, papers and fancy things to put in it. You can keep notes and business cards in the pockets. I have a ziplock attachment which I keep teabags in, because yes I am that sad. I have a pocket for my USB, different areas for different lists, an underground map and many, many pens. I'm loving life.

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