Tuesday, 8 March 2011


John Lennon interviews are always interesting, and often very odd indeed.

Interviewer: Your first book sold in 350,000 copies, it came out this year, is that right?
John Lennon: That's right!
I: ...that's right. And tell me, you brought three of your friends, could you please introduce me?
JL: Yes - there's George Parasol, Ringo Stone, and Paul McCharmly.
I: And did they have anything to do with your book? Did they help you, did they hinder you in any way?
JL: No, they typed it out for me.
I: That's right, I mean they can spell?
JL: Oh, they spell very greatly.
I: ...that's nice.

Interviewer: Ringo, is Ringo your real name or is it a nickname?
Ringo: It's a nickname.
Interviewer: How did the Ringo thing come about?
Ringo: Because I wear four rings.
Interviewer: Wow!
John: I'm not called Ringo. [shows his hands]
Paul: He's called Hando.

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