Monday, 18 October 2010

And Some Don't

The more I watch 'Some Like It Hot' the more references to gender I notice.

'Some Like It Hot' appears edgy and provocative, it actually conforms to many gender stereotypes and those that it does subvert it does so in a light-hearted and joking way, which is still reinforcing.

If the film were not funny, the cross dressing would be much more shocking, and it's also unlikely that Tony Curtis would have agreed to it. What is it about a man dressing as a woman that is regarded as inately funny, and why when genders are reversed is this taboo? I don't mean wearing trousers, I mean full-on OMGSHESDRESSEDLIKEAMANWTFGROSS. For your information, men's clothes are slightly cheaper. I think it's like children's clothes, they don't get taxed because they're not fabulous enough.

Something else that I noticed was the line, “You’re not a girl, you’re a guy! Why would a guy wanna marry a guy?” I cringed a little bit. Oh, you crazy naive 1950s folk!!

Ps. RIP Tony Curtis... you had one of my top 10 favourite chins. Oh god, don't make me consider that list...

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