Saturday, 8 August 2009

Liveblogging: Kitchen Slug

01:27am - There is a slug on the kitchen floor. It's looking at me! Ok, maybe it's not looking at me, but it shouldn't be where it is. How did it get there?

01:28am - Did Willow bring it in?

01:45am - Shall I wake Sarah up? No, I'll just ignore it.

01:50am - I called him a twat, a slimey arse face and a twatty sluggy twat. I feel a bit bad now, so I think I'll try and go to sleep.

01:52am - Spilled my tea. Went to kitchen to make a new one and found the slug in the cat's food bowl. He can't do that! That's not his food! How gross, and also how very rude of him.

01:53am - Have made a new cup of tea.

01:54am - Apologised to slug for earlier berating. Put cat bowl, including slug, in the bath.

02:04am - I'm going to bed now.

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