Thursday, 13 August 2009

37 Plan

So, not that anyone cares, but here's how I intend to complete my goals for the year:

Knit two complete things - I can't find anything I want to knit, but when I do, I will.

Make and keep a recipe file - I've begun one on the computer, it's not really the same but it will do for now.

Go to a gig - I'm hopefully seeing Jean Genie in November.

Go on holiday - Scotland sort of counts, but also... camping anyone?

Utilise the British post system - oooh I have some darn good plans for this. Secret plans.

Scream profanities in a public place
(this is ongoing) - called a chav a "twat" today, he called me a "slag". Good times.

Gain access to an accordion - or alternatively, a steel drum

Drink more herbal tea - made strawberries & cream iced tea today... miam miam!

Complete a Rubik’s cube - ordered one in the post, but was out when it was delivered...

Go to Scotland - November

Go to London - next Saturday

All going more or less to plan.

In other news, went to the new Cath Kidson shop today... £80 for a duvet cover? You must be joking!!

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