Monday, 10 August 2009

The 37 Halfway Mark

Ok, so instead of one big resolution, I gave myself 37 small resolutions to do. It's more or less halfway through the year now (a little late, ok) so I think it's time for a review and to check off the things I've already done.

1. Learn how to fold a t-shirt that cool Japanese way
2. Fully organise my itunes
3. Buy something pretty and frivolous from Laura Ashley
4. Wear heels more often
5. Get a 2:1 or better
6. Knit two complete things
7. Learn to play the ukulele better
8. Make my bed everyday
9. Socialise with people on my course more
10. Make and keep a recipe file
11. Write more articles for the university newspaper
12. Start a portfolio of my published articles
13. Do all my essays to the best of my ability
14. Learn all conjugations of the main French verbs
15. Go to the theatre
16. Go to a gig
17. Write more
18. Go on holiday
19. Utilise the British post system
20. Read more for my course
21. Read more books I’m interested in
22. Scream profanities in a public place (this is ongoing)
23. Sort my wardrobe
24. Meet someone I admire
25. Re-begin a yoga routine
26. Learn to cook at least 30 more things
27. Gain access to an accordion
28. Drink more herbal tea
29. See my cousin more
30. Complete a sudoku
31. Go to a fancy dress party
32. Talk to my dad more
33. Join a dance class
34. Complete a Rubik’s cube
35. Go to Scotland
36. Go to Australia
37. Go to London

I need to get a move on. If someone wants to take me to London to see 'Waiting for Godot', then that would count as two birds with one stone... and I'd love you forever, too.

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