Friday, 17 April 2009

Spring Chickens

As I get older, the differences between attractiveness of men and women of different age groups has become more apparent to me. As with most things, I felt that it should be portrayed in graph format, et voila:

So, what we can see from this highly accurate and scientific graph is that generally, women are more attractive than men, unless they're old in which case they're significantly less attractive. I'm speaking from a visually pleasing perspective, and not a pervy one... that's what makes it so scientific. Generally, women are as attractive as they're going to get at around early to mid thirties, and then I'm afraid ladies, it's all downhill for us from there. Men, the jammy bastards, are generally ugly fuckers until they get to about mid twenties at which point they become more visually acceptable until at around the age of about 37 they reach the pinnacle of attractiveness.

What I conclude from this is that men age like wine; pretty much getting better with age, unless they're lambrini in which case they probably didn't have much of a chance to begin with. Women age like cheese, getting better with age up to a certain point, at which point you have to start cutting bits off for it to be acceptable.

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