Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I Hope My Legs Don't Catch On Fire

I had a dream... actually it was a daydream but it was very vivid and I genuinely thought it was happening at the time, which I wasn't sure daydreams could do but anyway... oh, maybe I fell asleep.

But I digress like a tigress... I had a dream: my house was on fire and I was trapped in my room upstairs. I was about to escape out the window when I grabbed two things. (No, not my boobs.) I then realised the significance (or possibly not at all) of what I had subconsciously just done.

They always ask that don't they? "What objects would you save from a burning building?" Well, besides people and animals, that is. The two objects I saved? My laptop and my phone. 'Bosie' and 'Morrissey', respectively. How very 21st century of me. Actually, I remember the reasoning in my head was "How will Fergus know my house is burnt down?!" That was pretty much my first thought. The second was "I hope my legs don't catch on fire!"

I stand by my choice to save my laptop. I love Bosie. He has all my life on him and I would genuinely be confused and well and truly flabberghasted without him.

The only thing is, does this make me an awful person? I didn't save any teddybears (they're all in the back of my cupboard) or photos, or books, or jewellery: all of which I own and hold a great deal of sentimental value to. I didn't think of that. I suppose I could say I was thinking more of the present and future than the past. I've got the memories of those objects, but I need my laptop and phone for the future.

What would you save from a burning building? Do you think what you should or want to save is different from what you would save in reality? Also, what the buggery does this tell us about ourselves anyway, if anything?

Another thought: some girls name their boobs - I name electronics*. Sad? Yes.

*And plants

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George said...

I think it would very much depend on what was near you at the time. If my laptop and phone weren't near me when I needed to evacuate the building, I wouldn't want to put my life in more danger by retrieving them. Therefore I would grab the nearest and next best things.