Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Spot The Difference

Jimi Hendrix

Ian Curtis

David Bowie

Johnny Depp

As much as I hate smoking, these guys are all pretty cool. Notice any similarities?

Personally I think these photos exhibit excellent photographers. The fact that they're pretty much the same picture, yet still so different because they put across the different subject's personalities.

Also quite interesting is that Jimi Hendrix is smoking with his left hand, while he was ambidextrous, and that David Bowie is smoking with his right hand despite being left-handed. Of course by the time I've got to them the pictures could easily have been reversed so actually, they could have been using either hand (except the Bowie one's definately not because his pupils are on the right sides). This whole thing is irrelevant anyway, because I've seen a picture from the same shoot with him using his other hand, so he obviously just got tired. The obsessing will end now.

Don't smoke, children! It's not big, it's not clever, and you'll wind up smelling like Amy Winehouse's hair piece!

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