Thursday, 24 February 2011


We often get groups of people wankers ordering large rounds of shots. Shots I’m fine with, they have their time and place, and they're quick to pour. But there’s a specific type of shot-orderer: the type of person wanker that orders 15 shots for 5 people (tequila for the uber-douche), waves their money about like they’re Mr. Moneybags (and doesn’t tip), lines them up in a row and takes multiple pictures of themselves posing with the shots before drinking them.

I once actually heard a guy say “Oh my god, this is literally like something out of James Bond!” I pitied that man... and envied him at the same time. He honestly believed he was James fucking Bond. Awesome.

Also, what's up with this picture? Why would you shot Smirnoff? That's just asking for a head like a mouldy old dishcloth.


Alice E said...

Hi Sophie. I feel a bit creepy commenting, there is something not quiet right about it? I should be the aloof reader from a far. Anyway, I really like rhyming with purple, you're hilarious and so thank you for continuing to post. I especially like the association of Smirnoff with mouldy old dishcloth in this post. (I sound like english is my second language, it isn't. I blame the fact my house is really cold and I just ate way too many biscuits) I see that you aren't really a fan of fashion but I think you should have a quick look at as although it is a fashion blog, (don't be put off!) the writers (Heather and Jessica) are so funny and witty it becomes less about clothes and more about hilariousness in its purest form. Good luck with the dissertation, I've got some uni essays to do myself. I hope you found this enjoyable and not scary. Alice x

Sophie said...

Well thanks very much Alice! I do find it a bit odd that people read the crap that dribbles out of my brain and onto the internet, but thank you none the less! Very flattering. Oh and I will check out that blog, I do like a good blog! :)

Good luck with uni! Sophie x