Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Radio 1

Does anyone actually like the music on Radio 1? Even if they do like some of it, you won't like all of it. Why would you force yourself to listen to music you don't like?

Does anyone actually give a shit about the opinions of the morons they've got 'presenting' those shows? The overly-happy, self-indulgent, cliche-babbling douchebags that dispense their views on anything and everything like they're omniscient beings? I can read my own blog for that shit.

If I wanted to listen to idiots dispense their opinions and mundane stories like they're the most important thing anyone's ever said, and if I wanted to listen to music which I don't like repeated over and over again, then I'd sit on a bus with a bunch of college students and bask in their moronic glow.

It's as if people aren't aware that there are other radio stations: radio stations that play different music according to people's tastes. That's right - some stations have taste. It's amazing that in this generation that's obsessed with getting exactly what we want (customising, etc.) that people will mindlessly listen to the first thing they're told to and stick with it.

As it is, Radio 4 and my iPod do the job nicely.

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