Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Magical Mystery

You may or may not know that I've been ill for the last few days. I'm not normally ill, and when I am it usually doesn't stop me from doing anything so it was a bit odd to actually have an 'ill day'.

Anyway, so I was feeling pretty rubbish, and yesterday morning I was back to uni and on the way home I got pissed off with the horrendously boring audiobook of Samuel Richardson's 'Pamela' I have been listening to for the last week when I realised something. The reason I've been ill (I think). I hadn't listened to The Beatles for roughly 4 days - the same time that I began to feel ill!!

I listened to a bit of 'Lady Madonna' I think it was, when I began to immediately feel better! Not completely, but significantly. Before you dismiss this as rhubarb-rhubarb crazytalk, can I just say that I've mentioned the effect of Paul McCartney's voice to cheer me up before, but as of yet it has not had a healing effect. I think it now has this effect. Magical!

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