Friday, 6 August 2010

Stupid Price

So I've just done an online weekly shop. Just over a year ago the very same shop would cost me about £50 - now it's costing £100. It's almost impossible to feed 5 people for a week for under £100... which is ridiculous. I did a shop for 4 people over a year ago for £40.

Now I'm watching the news and they're telling me that food prices are going up again. Wheat is apparently the culprit. Well, fuck you wheat! You make my mum feel bloated! Now you're costing far too much! Well, maybe it's time to give wheat the heave-ho!

I don't want to eat solid bloody gold, I would just like some smartprice baked beans that aren't going to burn a hole in my pocket. Before they go in the microwave, that is.

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