Saturday, 11 July 2009


I've begun re-reading a book I borrowed from Cissy M called 'Writing A Novel'. It's inspiring, however, if there's one thing that I am not as a writer, it's prolific. I would even go as far to say that I am one of the least prolific writers in the universe of people who consider themselves to be writers, prolific or otherwise.

What is the opposite of prolific? Ceci est moi, sans aucun doute. I have no ideas that I deem good enough or interesting enough to devote my time or energy towards, and as a result, I remain most unfortunately unprolific. Quelle d'homage...?

This is, of course, unless you count blogging as writing - which I don't. I count blogging as too informal to be of any real importance. I also believe that I find writing too enjoyable to consider it as an occupation. Quelle d'une foutu masochiste. Nous verrons.

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