Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tea and Little Plate Time

Today I had yum cha and it was blooming lovely, which got me wondering why the UK doesn't have a similar thing.

Perhaps we used to back in the days when afternoon tea was a thing. Too many cakes for my liking, not enough dim sum. The difference is that foods like tapas, meze and yum cha and thali are still commonplace.

 My family live in an area with a high Asian population. They also do nothing but eat and talk obnoxiously loudly. Yum cha suits us down to the ground, as we can impose ourselves on places for horrendously long amounts of time whilst we argue about the best use for a bag of lemons (true story) and drink tea.

I would like an English equivalent, but I'm not sure if it would work. It might end up something like the Butterfield Diet Plan, and as much as I love fluffy ruffs, I'm not sure it would catch on.

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