Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Non, Non, Non!

Ca suffit. I think it's physically impossible for someone to learn and speak as much French as I have done in the last 48 hours. Even Celine Dion. It is literally hurting now, I can see why French people are so arsey and lazy all the time, it's ruddy hard work!

I'm so confused, I've begun to think in French but when I do after a while it realises that I don't actually speak French and just implodes.

My brain is about to melt inside my head and dribble out of my ears, forming a massive garlicy puddle around my linguistically confused corpse. "Miam miam!" ... then a French cat will probably eat it and spit it out again because actually, it's not a yummy French brain, it's an English imposter brain (and I was just about to conjugate the word imposter because it ends in an 'er' - it's not even a fucking verb)!!

Last French exam tomorrow. Then my brain is due back in blighty at a similar time to "The Fergs". Tomorrow I intend to speak exclusively in cockney rhyming slang, to make up for lost time... guv'nas!

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